How to create your own game box art

Game box art are used to show the consummers the title of what they are buying. If you everwish that a certain game would be released, well, this is the first step.


This is my created game box art. This was inspired by the anime Bleach, with the Grand Theft Auto style game box art.

The things you need to make your own game box art are : the picture you want to use, your company logo, and the ESRB rating box. Also you should choose photoshop or a similar programe.

Here, I’ll take the PS3 box art as the example.

Take the PS3, or any game console box art. Make sure it’s big enough.


Second, Make your picture fit within the box art space. For better results, drag diagonaly and pressing the Shift key at the same time.


If it should occur, edit your picture to make it look authentic.

Third, add your company logo on the lower right and the ESRB logo on the left. Make sure to shrink it to a resonable size.


Now put it all together and Save As under JPEG and you are finished making your very own game box art.

You should also note on game console box art like the Wii and Nintendo DS wich you have to be careful because the console logo is in the box art so you have to cut a bit of the picture.


Have fun.


One Response to “How to create your own game box art”

  1. Echi Says:

    Hey Dom, très bon essai. Bonne explication. Fais attention aux proportions de l’image finale. D’après ce que je vois dans ton image finale, on dirait que tes personnages ont été étirés et ont donc perdu les proportions originales.

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