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Anime show: Case Closed

March 31, 2009


Case Closed, also known as Detective Conan , is a Japanese detective manga and anime series written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama and serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday since 1994. The name “Case Closed” for the English language release results from concerns of copyright conflict with the Conan the Barbarian franchise. The story follows the adventures of Jimmy Kudo, a prodigious young detective who was inadvertently transformed into a seven-year-old.”   (

Unfortunately, the serie is no longer playing on telivision due to low ratings in North America. The is really good thought and the  only way to see it is to ether buy the DVD’s or watch it online.  I’ll post the first episode witch was posted on Youtube by Animedaisuki90. He also has all episodes in english dub and his other account, abchejzok, has the japanese episodes with subtitles.




How to create your own realistic flag

March 30, 2009


The thing that’s so great about this design is that not only is this a perfect project for beginners, but you can creat your flag any way you want with any picture so it’s completely customisable.

The tutorial is the video below.

Rock Band DLC – Week of March 24th 2009

March 27, 2009

Each song is categoriesed by: Title, Artist, Year, Type and Rock Band Pack type

“Once” Pearl Jam 1990s Grunge Ten    
“Even Flow” Pearl Jam 1990s Grunge Ten    
“Why Go” Pearl Jam 1990s Grunge Ten    
“Black” Pearl Jam 1990s Grunge Ten    
“Jeremy” Pearl Jam 1990s Grunge Ten    
“Oceans” Pearl Jam 1990s Grunge Ten    
“Porch” Pearl Jam 1990s Grunge Ten    
“Garden” Pearl Jam 1990s Grunge Ten    
“Deep” Pearl Jam 1990s Grunge Ten    
“Release” Pearl Jam 1990s Grunge Ten    
“Master/Slave” Pearl Jam 1990s Grunge Ten  

Tales of Symphonia openings

March 27, 2009

Today I decided to post the opening for my favorite game, Tales of Symphonia. Hopefully , this will motivate you to try out the game. I posted both english and Japanese version.Both are really good.

Credit for English version posted on Youtube goes to MintSeraph and the Japanese version goes to KaosHavok.

I hope you’ll enjoy the videos.

Radio #3

March 26, 2009

On parle de nos jeux joué recent et de GDC et Onlive.

Radio 3

Anime movie: Princess Mononoke

March 26, 2009


Princess Mononoke  is a 1997 Japanese animated historical fantasy feature film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli. It was first released in Japan on July 12, 1997 and in the United States on October 29, 1999 in select cities and on November 26, 1999 in Canada.

It is a jidaigeki (period drama) set specifically in the late Muromachi period of Japan but with numerous fantasy elements and centers on the struggle between the supernatural guardians of a forest and the humans who consume its resources as seen by the outsider Ashitaka. “Mononoke”  is not a name, but a general term in the Japanese language for a spirit or monster. (

I really enjoyed this movie and i thought i would post it here. All credits for posting the movie on Youtube goes to LightDisuke.

I’ll put the first part on the site and the rest you’ll have to click the link to watch it so it doesnt use too much room, sorry about that.

New section: Anime

March 26, 2009

Yea I’m a huge anime fan so I’m gonna try to add some Anime stuff on the site. I’ll try adding some movies or tv episodes, something to that affect. Whatever anime I’ll post, it’s likely that it’s gonna be something  that I take from another site like Youtube. Credit will go to those people.

Top 5 Best GameCube games EXCLUSIVE!

March 24, 2009

The Nintendo GameCube was a Nintendo console in the 6th generation. Thought not as sucsessful as the PS2 or the Xbox, it still had some of the best games of there generation.

#5   Metroid Prime 2: Echoes


Metroid was one of the best shooters on the gamecube and surpassed its predecesor with a better presentation and adding multiplayer action wich wasn’t in Metroid Prime.


#4   Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

fire-emblem-path-of-radiance325112This was the first game of the series on a Nintendo console in North America and it’s one of the best strategy game on the GameCube. The wild suscess to Fire emblem is thanks to the introduction of 2 Fire emblem characters in the game Super Smash Bros. Melee.


#3   Super Smash Bros. Melee


This game isn’t only one of the best games on the GameCube, but also one of the best fighting game ever made. Who knew that the concept of Nintendo characters fighting against each other would make out for an incredible game. The game included 21 Nintendo characters including Mario, Luigi, Link, Pikachu and the list goes on.


#2 Legend of Zelda : Wind Waker


When did game was first introduced, everyone was surprised by the new direction the visuals were going. But no one really cares anymore because the game was an amazing sucsess and one of the best Zelda games ever. The game has a great story, great characters, and everything that a Zelda game should have.


#1   Tales of Symphonia


Not only is it the best GameCube game, it’s also my number 1 game of all time! Tales of Symphonia is an incredably deep game. It has an original, emotional story that will make you emersed into the game. It’s also one of the longest games available at over 60 hours witch makes it worth your money.  The battle system is similar to games like Final Fantasy and Golden Sun except your character and your allies also move and battle in real time.  Overall, it’s just an amazing game and any GameCube and Wii owners should seriously consider getting this masterpiece that is the best gamecube game.

How to create a 4th Generation iPod Nano

March 23, 2009

ipodnano-copieI created this iPod from the following tutorial at

Making an iPod like this one is easy enough for beginners. You can also choose your own colour instead of gray.

RockBand DLC – Week of March 17th 2009

March 23, 2009

Each song is categoriesed by: Title, Artist, Year, Type and Rock Band Pack type

“Pick Up the Pieces” Average White Band 1970s Funk Get the Funk Out 01    
“Shining Star” Earth, Wind & Fire 1970s Funk Get the Funk Out 01    
“Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine – Pt 1” James Brown 1970s Funk Get the Funk Out 01    
“Thrash Unreal” Against Me! 2000s Punk Single    
“All the Things That Go to Make Heaven and Earth” The New Pornographers 2000s Indie Rock Single    
“Use It” The New Pornographers 2000s Indie Rock Single    
“Last Resort” Papa Roach 2000s Alternative Single    
“Lifeline” Papa Roach 2000s Alternative Single