Review: The World Ends with You


Publishers: Square Enix, Ubisoft (Australia)

Devellopers: Square Enix, Jupiter

Platform: Nintendo DS

Genre: JRPG

Release: April 22nd 2008


When it comes to Square Enix, they usually stay with safe bets by making new games from there franchises or making remakes but this time, they took a risk and they ended up making one of the best DS games out there.

Story: You play as Neku, 15 year old grafiti fan who’s just been hit with amnesia. But to make it worse, he finds out he has 7 days to complete missions, or he’ll be erased. As he escapes from the random monsters attacking him,also named “noises” he runs into Shiki and they form a pact, defeat the noise, and now they must find a way to survive. The story is defenetly the strong point of TWEWY, being completly original and being able to make you  want to keep going to find out what will happen.



Gameplay: If the story is unique, why not make the gameplay unique as well? The battle systeme makes great use of both DS screens. You play as Neku on the bottom screen, controled by the stylus as movement, while your partner is on the top screen and you control your partner with the d-pad. The battle systeme will be hard to understand at first but luckly, you can choose to have your partner control by the computer instead, wich can make things easier to learn. On the downside, you won’t be able to change difficulty, or even retry battles until you play far enough in the game wich might be frustrating, but once you get to that point (wich isnt that far in the game), those option won’t matter cause you’ll be fine in battle without them.



Presentation: As you can see from the box art, you can tell that the game’s character design and presentation is, well, unique (to Kingdom Heart games anyways) but it’s still Square’s signiature character style and it works perfectly in this game. TWEWY is set in modern Shibuya, Japan, wich is actually pretty accurate to the real thing. Also the music is conentrate around hip-hop, wich again, fits really well with the game, and it’s actually really good. But like I mentioned earlier, the art style for the game is incredible and even though it’s been used in past games, it found a way to fit perfectly well with the game.



To finish this review, TWEWY is one of the best games on the DS. The story is incredible, the gameplay is unique, and the presentation is top notch. Game as unique as TWEWY don’t come often, but when they do, it’s an opportunity  you can’t pass up. Square took a risk with TWEWY, especially localizing  it to NA and EU, but it was well worth it cause Square released one of there best games in years, and one of the best games the DS ever had.

Final score: 10/10


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